Performance Tuning

Upgrade your performance and efficiency

Performance Tuning

Autocare Services is your local independent expert for performance tuning in Exeter and the surrounding Devon area. By upgrading your vehicle engine control unit (ECU), you can improve the performance and efficiency of your vehicle at competitive prices that start at just £250.00. All prices are subject to VAT.

Manufacturers restrict settings within the ECU to ensure your vehicle still functions smoothly even if you choose to use low quality fuels or ignore the specified service schedule. Autocare Services LTD can lift these restrictions to remove flat spots and increase acceleration whilst increasing your current fuel economy.

performance tuningNon-Turbo Petrol Engines

Non-turbo petrol engines can be tuned to give a power and torque increase of 10%. Customers are advised that performance tuning services produce fewer benefits with this engine type.

Turbocharged Petrol Engines

Turbocharged petrol engines offer more scope from performance tuning in Exeter and typical power output increases of up to 20% can be expected. An increase of 25% on mid-range torque provides superior throttle response and increased horsepower.

Turbocharged Diesel Engines

Our performance tuning services are perfectly suited to turbocharged diesel engines and represent one of our most popular services lines. Customers can experience up to 30% more power and torque alongside a major increase in fuel economy.




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