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autocare airconCar air conditioning is a wonderful addition to your vehicle as it benefits all passengers with cooling comfort, but did you realise that these systems require regular maintenance?

These systems are filled with important refrigerant gases that keep the air within the vehicle conditioned to a comfortable temperature, and these gases are lost through physical joints between the air conditioning components.

Over time this will cause the car air conditioning system to deteriorate in performance, and if the air conditioning system is left operating with low refrigerant gas levels, lubricant circulation may be affected within the system causing air and moisture to enter the air conditioning system thus causing considerable damage to it.

If left over a period of time, the consequences could include:

  • Corrosion to the air conditioning system caused by air and moisture reacting with refrigerant gases
  • Reduced fuel economy as the compressor remains engaged to regulate the required lower temperatures
  • Terminal air conditioning component and system failure

Autocare Services Exeter are known as the experts for car air conditioning in Exeter and we have adopted specialist equipment to take care of your car air conditioning system. We can remove the moisture from the system and replace the gases that are so important to a comfortable drive. Our equipment is connected to a database via the internet and we have access to all information relating to the air conditioning system in your specific car.

AIR CON RECHARGE JUST £40 + vat – click here to book

At Autocare Services, we can either a “re-gas” or “recharge” of your vehicle’s air conditioning system for just £40 + vat, for this we will remove the remaining gas and oil and then refill with fresh gas and oil as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

So dont wait until it’s too late, call us today and book your car in: 01392 203 156 or contact us through the website here.


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